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Acrylic Double Side Masking Tape


Original price was: KSh 700.Current price is: KSh 500.

Product Highlights


  1. Easy to cut: The non-marking tape pad can be cut at any length and can be stretched and bent to meet your various needs.
  2. Clear Double Sided Adhesive Tape: It can be fixed on all smooth and powder-free surfaces with a tack of 1KG/2.2LBS. You can stick a variety of small items.
  3. Washed/ Reusable: If there is too much attachment on the surface of the tape, the viscosity will drop. It can be washed and dried to restore stickiness. Do not use wipes or detergents. It can be reused and will not leave any residue after removal.
  4. Versatile: furniture mat, kitchen tools fixing, pasting decorations and so on

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50 in stock


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